The future in a single act



Sacchital & AmonCode introduce the packaging (r)evolution


Sacchital S.p.A. is pleased to announce a partnership with AmonCode s.r.l., the Italian company at the forefront of the next generation encrypted codes: Amon codes. Sacchital’s industrial printing skills will be greatly enhanced by AmonCode technology, which will transform every kind of package, wraps or packs into advanced packaging: no more batches, but a single traceable box. Packaging becomes a powerful and flexible tool, apt for any marketing strategy: you could monitor in real time your customer behavior, then create tailor-made campaigns, promotions, loyalty programs, even a product recall, and improve your business and retain your customers. This partnership offers food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries a customizable and ready-to-go technology, in order to help you do business in a new and secure way.