To keep coming up with new product concepts, to develop innovative ideas, to create something which was not there and which will spark a market revolution: this is I-LAB, I for Idea. I-LAB is the R&D center of the Sacchital Group. I-Lab is where we develop new packaging concepts and applications for all industry sectors which we service.

Activities include market research, design, prototypes and engineering, industrial tests prior to full scale production. I-Lab is located at the Sacchital Group Headquarters in Pregnana Milanese.

I-LAB has developed the revolutionary Paperflex System® the first integrated system (market, product, packaging machinery) of flexible packaging for the food industry. We design a custom tailored dress for every product, whilst keeping shelf life requirements and machine performance of the films.

Introduced with outstanding results in Fresh Pasta, Colt cuts, Ready Meals, Paperflex System® will soon be extended to industry segments such as

  • Sandwiches
  • Hamburgers
  • Fresh meat
  • Chocolate
  • Cured meats and cold cuts
  • Cheese
  • Fish


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