Fresh products

Applies to:
Sausages - Cold cuts - Cured meats - Meat & poultry - Dairy & cheese - Fresh pasta - Sandwiches - Salads

The Sacchital Group has the experience and the technical know-how to suggest either the traditional fresh food packaging based on plastics film laminates or highly innovative and trendy packaging concepts based on paper + film laminates. All paper used by the Sacchital Group is FSC® Certified.

In cooperation with the market leader for fresh pasta RANA, Sacchital has developed a new packaging concept, setting a revolutionary change in fresh products packaging.

A finely gravure printed kraft paper, laminated with  a hi barrier film, with a die-cut see-through window, allows a clear sight of the product and gives it the desired rustic and rugged look, enhancing the product appeal. This solution has won Sacchital the Packology Pack Award in the Food Packaging category.

In the cured meats, cold cuts and cheese & dairy segments, our lines VISTA PAPER and FORMA PAPER offer to customers a totally new solution, with a top web in Paper + Hi Barrier film laminate with die cut windows, sealed on a thermoformable Recyclable Hi barrier paper bottom web.


  • Multilayer laminates in paper and/or plastics films (up to 4 ply)
  • Easy-peel films, hi-barrier films MAP Packaging
  • Die-cut windows on paper+film laminates
  • Laser-cut easy opening, including on paper+film laminates
  • FSC ®Certified paper
  • Hi Barrier film laminating (PET+PE/EVOH or PET HB+PE)
  • Anti UV, Antifog, Anti static
  • transparency, semi transparency
  • Hi Gloss varnish, matt varnish, thermal lacquers
  • Paper-Strip lamination
  • Hi speed films, Hi resistance films, reclosable lidding films
  • Paper based laminates for main or outer packaging
  • Thermoformable bottom webs in recyclable paper, with print on both sides
  • Shaped materials

Vacuum tray

Lid (paper or film)

Thermoforming paper


Tray top (also open/close)

Vista Paper® bag


Tray bottom

Tray top

Vista Paper® bag

Paper top

Vista Paper® bag