A new, strategic partnership for a sustainable future

Sacchital Group is proud to announce the partnership with SAES Group through SAES Coated Films, a company specialized in integrated coating technologies: a promising collaboration for the production and promotion of a new line of innovative, high barrier and at the same time recyclable or compostable packaging.

The companies, belonging to two different levels of the same supply chain,  combined their skills in materials, technologies and scientific analysis in a vertical collaboration to respond more quickly to market needs with an open business model.

At the basis of this innovative project is the new coating technology created by SAES Coated Films and called COATHINK ™, a functional water-based coating tecnology producing high protection properties on the packaging surfaces, and the new multilayer, high barrier packaging of Sacchital Group, designed to be recycled or composted, based on paper, mono-plastic or bio-material materials and therefore designed for Circular Economy.