The group

The group


  • The Company founder, Valentino Paleari
  • Workers on the preformed bags line, 1950
  • Paper Bags making machine, 1950
  • First Sacchital Corporate Headquarters in Rho, Milan
  • Production plant, 1980
  • The first RotoGravure printing machine


World War II is just ended. Milan is the engine pulling the country to its rebirth. Sacchital starts production of pre-made paper bags for the food industry.

The success of Sacchital means growth and diversification. Gravure printing lines and flexible packaging manufacturing are set up.



Sacchital moves into a new, modern production plant in the vicinity of Milan. Sacchital is now a major player in the business.

The first major acquisition: Rotoincarto, a leading producer of packaging for the chocolate and confectionery industry.



A Milestone in the history of Sacchital. The second acquisition is Akerlund, the Italian subsidiary of the Ackerlund multinational. The company, based in the vicinity of Turin is a market leader in aluminum based packaging, with a unique know how in packaging for stock cubes (bouillon cubes). This is the first step in the building of the Sacchital Group.

With the acquisition of NEOPHANE the know how in plastic films for confectionery, cosmetic and fresh food is expanded. Having three production sites, specialized in Paper (Sacchital), Aluminum (Akerlund) and Films Neophane) the range of different products offered by the Sacchital Group becomes virtually limitless. Moreover, the reliability, flexibility and innovation capability of the Sacchital Group could not be higher.